What is Adolescent Psychotherapy?

Adolescence is typically a time where children become increasingly independent as they continue their journey towards adulthood. Their role within their family and social group is changing and they are adapting to attain their own identity.

This task, in and of itself, is often demanding enough for most adolescents. However, some teenagers experience other difficulties that make coping and adjustment problematic. Adolescent therapy is adapted to suit the unique developmental needs of adolescents.

Why consider Adolescent Psychotherapy?

Common reasons why adolescents may enter therapy:

  • Self-esteem issues or feelings of insecurity
  • Having difficulty socialising (such as making and keeping friends)
  • Initiating or being a victim of bullying
  • Being excessively oppositional or defiant towards figures of authority
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Problematic eating habits
  • Significant emotional disturbances (such as persistent feelings of sadness, thoughts of suicide and aggression)
  • Use of substances

What to expect

Therapy for adolescents is a 50 minute weekly intervention that takes place at a predictable time and day of the week.

Involvement from caregivers might be needed from time to time, where feedback is delivered discretely and sensitively with the consent of the adolescent. In some cases, the adolescent may wish to be present during the feedback sessions.

These feedback sessions can often assist the family unit in making important and necessary changes within the home environment to promote greater wellbeing. This can also be a forum where choices and life decisions can be thought about and discussed.

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