What is Adult Psychotherapy?

I work with a number of presenting difficulties and challenges that act as barriers to optimum psychological wellbeing.

As a counseling psychologist, I provide therapeutic interventions that enhance adjustment and coping to a variety of life stressors – thus, assisting in optimising healthy development and growth within one’s everyday life.

My area of interest is with relationship patterns and, especially, relationship difficulties. These can include relations with colleagues, friends, romantic partners, family members and, most importantly, one’s self.

Why consider Adult Psychotherapy?

Common reasons why adults may enter therapy:

  • Feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in life – wanting something more meaningful
  • Struggling with persistent feelings of emotional pain and discomfort
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties
  • Having difficulty with intimacy
  • Going through a significant life stressor (such as moving house, getting married or having a child)
  • Having to make a difficult life decision
  • Not feeling satisfied with one’s body image and appearance
  • Struggling with eating habits and appetite
  • Having a chronic illness or disability
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Having experienced a trauma or critically stressful event (such as hijack, rape or death)
  • Experiencing grief, bereavement or loss of a loved one
  • Feeling uncomfortable or anxious in social situations
  • Having a challenging work environment

About my approach

I work predominantly within a psychodynamic framework. Though it can be short term in nature, this therapy is typically medium to long term.

The relationship between the client and the therapist is essential, where a “good fit” between the two parties needs to be established. The client should feel safe, comfortable and trusting towards the therapist, as it is within this relationship that healing takes place.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be either supportive or insight-driven. In the supportive approach, the work done in therapy aims to:

  • Create a reliable, consistent and predictable environment where the client can feel safe and secure.
  • Provide a new and corrective experience of previous relationships – where the therapist is neutral, empathic and understanding.
  • Reinforce positive coping strategies in the outside world as well as minimising unhelpful or destructive means of coping.

In the insight-orientated approach, the fundamental elements of the supportive approach are present with the additional aim of gaining a new understanding of presenting difficulties.

The focus is on gaining an awareness of patterns within one’s life and seeing that pertinent issues have significance within one’s own personal history.

This leads to greater knowledge of self – on various different levels. It is then, through the vehicle of self-knowing, that change takes place.

What to expect

With adult psychotherapy, sessions take place on a weekly basis (on the same day and time) and are 50 minutes in duration.

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