What is Parent-Infant Psychotherapy?

This therapeutic approach is tailored to infants (0 to 3 years) and their primary caregivers, with the aim of enhancing their relational bond and attachment. The goal is to develop and strengthen the tools and competencies of caregivers as a means of enriching a sustainable caregiver-infant relationship.

It provides a space where the infant and caregivers can express themselves freely, in a supportive environment, without being judged or criticised. This space is one where the infant and challenges facing the family can be thought about and understood.

The origin of this work is psychoanalytic in nature and has a strong foundation in research. Studies within this field indicate that early prevention is vital to avoiding the development of difficulties later in life.

The relationship between caregiver and infant is pivotal and this relationship can often be linked to the caregiver’s own relational history. One of the objectives is to bring to the fore potentially concealed relational processes within the caregiver’s past and gain an awareness of current functioning within the caregiver-infant relationship.

This process aids the caregiver in developing new ways of connecting, being with and enjoying their infant.

Why consider Parent-Infant Psychotherapy?

There are a number of reasons why caregivers may pursue this type of intervention:

  • Loss
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Post-natal depression and other difficulties faced by caregivers
  • Trouble with bonding or connecting with their infant
  • Difficulties during pregnancy and birth (including premature birth)
  • Infant developmental delays
  • Numerous health concerns for the caregiver and infant
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Feeding concerns
  • Elimination problems

What to expect

This kind of intervention takes place for 50 minutes on a weekly basis (at a standard day and time). It is attended by the caregiver/s and the infant together, as the focus is on enhancing emotional connectedness and bonding.

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