What is Parental Guidance?

Becoming and being a parent is one of life’s greatest challenges. It takes many hours of dedicated time, energy and perseverance to parent a growing human being.

It is often difficult to know which path to follow or what approach to take. What is more, it is frequently an exhausting and highly taxing job, which can be thankless at times.

Parental guidance offers parents, as well as parents to be, a neutral, supportive and non-judgmental environment where their concerns and troubles can be heard. It provides a forum where thinking can take place around building a better relationship with your child as well as understanding their inner-world and what needs they might have.

It is also a space to consider discipline and discover effective means to gain compliance from children of all ages. This way of working takes into account the uniqueness of each family and understands that every parent and child have their own attributes that come together to create a very idiosyncratic family dynamic.

What to expect

Parental guidance sessions are 50 minutes in duration. They can take place anything from one session onwards.

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