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A person may seek out a psychologist for a number of reasons. Many individuals do so because they are experiencing pain and discomfort within their lives.

This often impacts on one’s behaviour, emotions and thinking patterns, making their daily life extremely challenging. It can also have an effect on one’s work and social life. This can precipitate feeling stuck, debilitated and unequipped to manage things alone.

One might also visit a psychologist in order to attain personal growth, life enrichment or to try figure things out. They might be driven by the aim of attaining greater self-awareness and thusly enhance their lives by living more mindfully and consciously.

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Here are some common reasons why the assistance of a psychologist is considered:

  • Feeling sad, alone, worried, tense, anxious, inadequate or self-conscious.
  • Being easily annoyed or irritated.
  • Having a difficult relationship with a friend, partner or family member.
  • Struggling with intimacy and romantic connection.
  • Feeling unfulfilled in life – yearning for a change to come.
  • Having concerns with appearance, not feeling satisfied with one’s body image.
  • Struggling with eating habits and appetite.
  • Feeling concerned about one’s child or children.
  • Having a chronic illness or disability.
  • Going through a significant life stressor (such as moving house, getting married or having a child).
  • Making a difficult life decision.
  • Drinking or using substances.
  • Having experienced a trauma or critically stressful event (such as hijack, rape or death).
  • Experiencing grief or loss of a loved one.
  • Having difficulty relating socially with others.
  • Experiencing challenges in one’s work environment.


Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

This therapeutic approach is tailored to infants (0 to 3 years) and their primary caregivers, with the aim of enhancing their relational bond and attachment. The goal is to develop and strengthen the tools and competencies of caregivers as a means of enriching a sustainable caregiver-infant relationship.

Play Therapy

Children communicate their thoughts and feelings through the medium of play. This is how they express their inner world. The role of the psychologist is to carefully read and observe the child during play, so as to gain an understanding of what is happening internally for the child.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adolescence is typically a time where children become increasingly independent as they continue their journey towards adulthood. Their role within their family and social group is changing and they are adapting to attain their own identity.

Adult Psychotherapy

I work with a number of presenting difficulties and challenges that act as barriers to optimum psychological wellbeing.

Couples Counselling

Also called relationship therapy, this intervention is tailored to assist with any dyadic unit – from romantic partners to sibling duos.

Parental Guidance

Becoming and being a parent is one of life’s greatest challenges. It takes many hours of dedicated time, energy and perseverance to parent a growing human being.


Educational Assessment

Emotional Assessment

Career and Subject Choice Guidance

Special Exam Concessions

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